I see business in Digital Era a little differently

I am a team player. A collaborator. A transdisciplinary facilitator. An ambidextreous thinker. I bring qualitative and quantitave thinking together. Analytical and intuitive mind. I love to make things that matter and will have an impact in people's lives.

Discover below projects in which I worked.

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Nestlé - Innovation

As Product Manager of the global Nestlé crowd-sourcing platform, I led a major redesign, and deployment of several new features. To drive usage up, I followed data-centric approach, leveraging users’ behaviours analysis to define enhancements, and to adapt the communication strategy.

I’ve also worked closely with 40 markets on global Innovation challenges as Product Designer to drive innovative spirit, creativity and entrepreneurship. I help employees transform crowd-sourced ideas in digital experiences. My areas of focus covered Business Value Assessment, User Experience Design and Research, guidance in User Interface Development, and pitch coaching.

Open Innovation, Project Management, Requirements gathering, User Research, Data Visualization, Content Creation, Communication Strategy

Google Analytics

SFR - Contactless mobile payments User Experience

Major operators (SFR, Orange, Bouygues Telecom, EI Telecom) and banks (BNP Paribas, Société Générale, La Banque Postale, Crédit Mutuel, CIC) are introducing mobile contactless payment in France. I led User Experience Audit of these multi-agent and multichannel innovative services, managing stakeholders from the 7 involved parties.

Audit, Usability Review, Project Management

SFR PayCard - Product Manager

SFR PayCard is a prepaid and contactless card for payments and withdrawals in France. I worked as a product manager in the intrapreneurship team in charge of the project. I notably redesigned SFR PayCard’s online purchase funnel and website, initiated various PayCard updates, enhanced the application user experience, contributed to media creations, engaged with consumers in co-creation efforts, and internally promoted the product. As a direct link between business, agencies and developers, I've translated business requirements into technical specifications, and worked closely with developers to find acceptable trade-off when necessary. Working as part of a small team forced me to grow quickly and learn new skills.

Project Management, Online Focus Group, Community Management, Media Creation, Mockups, Wireframes, Think-Aloud Protocol

Omniture, Google AdWords

Modizy - Digital marketing analytics

Modizy is a personal shopper, it provides fashion and style advices based on what people liked previously. I joined the company when they were launching their second version. I helped Modizy to assess advertising mediums and natural acquisition sources. I highlighted which sources were significantly more efficient than others based on revenue and user engagement.

Data Collection, Data Modeling, Reporting

Talend, MongoDB, MixPanel, Google Analytics, AdWords, PosGreSQL, SPSS, Python

La Poste - Product Innovation

As a member of CPI, an Intrapreneurship program in collaboration with ESSEC Business School, Centrale Paris Engineering School and Strate College Design, I contributed to the La Poste Ambition 2015 strategic plan. Our transdisciplinary team has worked on the design of an innovative solution for the mail delivery requiring a receiver's acknowledgement. I have been highly involved in many steps leading to the final solution: acquiring information, analyzing knowledge, positing solutions, prototyping, implementing, ...
I have kept an end-user focus throughout the project, taking care to get feedbacks before any forward movement. I have also seized the opportunity to experiment methods and processes borrowed from Design Thinking and Open Innovation.

Business Analysis, User Research, Business Design, Design Thinking, User Journeys, Scenarios, Parallel Prototyping

24 Heures de l'INSA - Vice-president

Les 24 Heures de l'INSA (The 24 hours of INSA Lyon) festival is the largest free event organized by students with 60 000 attendees. During three days, this 40 years old festival offers races, famous concerts, events, culture and informative stands. It brings together sportspeople, students, families and, of course, music lovers. For one year, I conducted the press relations. I spent a second year as vice-president coordinating the team in charge of the organization.


Digital marketing

Cafe Du Web is a french community webzine with up to 50 000 visitors/month. In mid-2008, Cafe Du Web extensively relied on one traffic source, a news aggregator. As this partner lost traffic month over month, Cafe Du Web acquisition strategy was at stake. In order to balance this over reliance on one source, I strengthened SEO strategy.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, PHP, HTML

CSIRO - Quantitative analysis and artificial intelligence

New devices have access to a huge diversity of Internet data which can be augmented with sensor-based context information. Uses are also highly diversified with the application spread. This combination of processing power, content accessibility and context awareness opens new opportunities for personalization. I explored this area with machine learning methods such as Genetic Algorithm.

Machine Learning, Genetic Algorithm

Java, Android

A. Cotillon, P. Valencia, and R. Jurdak, "Android Genetic Programming Framework," To appear in proceedings of the 15th European Genetic Programming Conference (EuroGP'12), Malaga, Spain, April, 2012.

CSIRO - Virtual Fencing

The first time I heard about this project, I was both amused and intrigued: using satellite technology, CSIRO scientists are developing an animal-friendly 'virtual' fencing system to confine cattle without using fixed fences. It ended up being a challenging project with several hardware limitations and unpredictable animal behaviors. I took part in the project, working on the energy-efficient localization of GPS-enabled mobile wireless sensor nodes via GPS duty cycling and radio contact messages.

Data science, Graph theory, Simulation

C, Python

R. Jurdak, P. Corke, A. Cotillon, D. Dharman, C. Crossman, and G. Salagnac, "Energy-efficient Localisation: GPS Duty Cycling with Radio Ranging," Accepted at ACM Transactions on Sensor Networks, Vol. 9, Iss. 3, August 2013. (in press)

R. Jurdak, B. Kusy, and A. Cotillon, "Group-based Motion Detection for Energy-efficient Localization," Journal of Sensor and Actuator Networks. 1(3):183-216, October 2012. (Invited paper)